Freelance Frontend Developer and UX Engineer

I work as a consultant within UX design and web development.
I'm passionate about designing, optimising and building digital experiences.

I master HTML/CSS, Javascript, WebGL, PHP and the most common prototyping and design tools.
My tech stack is flexible, often including GSAP, Three.js or PixiJS and a headless CMS. I consider myself framework agnostic.

Besides building websites and apps, I work with animations and custom interactive components, as the link between design and dev teams. I also work as a UX designer - analyzing, (re)designing, optimising user journeys. I work intensively with usability, cognitive biasses, SEO, performance optimisation and best practices within UX and Interaction Design.

My work is frequently awarded by Lovie, Awwwards and Webby, but more importantly I care about impact and results.

Let's work together:

Michael Vestergaard / Copenhagen, DK / / +45 28936390

Nationale Bioscoopbon

website / e-commerce

Nationale Bioscoopbon

Website / App / E-commerce (2022)

De Nationale Bioscoopbon is a shared giftcard for Dutch cinemas. As lead front-end developer for DotControl I built the digital version of the giftcard.

The giftcards are created directly on the website, with thousands of options for customization and personal messages - maybe a romantic card for your girlfriend or an action card for your teenager. Receivers of a giftcard have a unique link for a web-app. This is used for paying directly in the cinemas.

The interaction is playful and fluent - building on the concept "Full of surprises". Creators can continue pushing elements into the card containing movie clips, graphics and personal messages.

Check it out here

Developed for DotControl and Selmore

I customized and extended PixiJS to achieve the nudging effects and the fluent layout with WebGL.

The project was very succesful and received 4 Lovie awards among others.

Cenitz Studio


Cenitz Studio

Website (2023)

Cenitz is a multidisciplinary design consultancy, working at the convergence of business strategy, brand, digital and content.

They asked me to develop their new creative portfolio. The site is static generated using a headless CMS. It's flexible, fast and optimized, though also full of animations and highly customized UI elements.

The website was quickly awarded by Awwwards among others.

Check it out here

I build the entire front- and back-end on top of a headless CMS with a (custom) static site generator. Please get in touch to hear more about this approach.

See the Awwwards feature

Green Room Design


Green Room Design

Website (2021)

A playful agency portfolio for Green Room Design. Users can dive into 5 different games (flipsides) while exploring the case studies and strategic approach of Green Room Design.

I used WebGL for the games and effects (glitches with RGB distortion).

Designed by Rich Brown

Technologies include: three.js, GSAP, Matter.js and Prismic (and a custom static site generator).

VELUX - The Cube


The Cube by VELUX®

Website (2021)

VELUX created this amazing installation for the London Design Festival together with Henning Larsen Architects, Kasper Bjørke and B&O. Visitors can enter the cube and have their moment of calm.

AKQA designed the digital representation of the Cube and asked me to build the front-end. The website is based on the feeling of daylight, changing weather and natural sounds.

I built the 3D Cube with Three.js and combined various models and animations (created by the design team) to achieve the interactive windows, changing skies and the smooth soundscape.

Developed for AKQA

Technologies include GSAP and Three.js with custom 3D models and animations.

B&O Play

websites / e-commerce

B&O Play

Websites (2014-2019)

Since 2014 I have worked as lead frontend developer for B&O Play.
I have developed various custom galleries, USP, menu and product modules (integrated with Sitecore) - and more than 30 unique product- and campaign websites.

I also contribute with concept-, UX- and interaction designs.
The websites have received numerous awards and global attention, leading to hundred of thousands extra visitors and valuable brand building.

Made with Magic People Voodoo People & a little bit of Trouble. Sitecore by Alpha Solutions.

See some of the Awwwards we received.

Wild Life Centre


Wild Life Centre

Museum installation at Bear Park in Flå, Norway (2014-now)

For the brand new Wild Life Centre I was commissioned by Spekter to work on a series of installations. I was in charge of the production of:
- 4 Kinect (3D camera) experiences
- 3 touchscreen apps
- a wall projected app (controlled by a tablet)
- a quiz screen with physical buttons (bear paws)
- a website

I worked with Spekter to conceptualize all installations, before I did the interaction designs and all the coding. My role was a mix of UX Design, Creative Developer and Producer.

I enjoyed making this for Spekter with graphic designs from Søren Smidt & backend provided by Rune Bonsu.

See more in this Youtube video or at the museum website.

Verity Studios


Verity Studios

Website (2018)

Capture the magic of Verity's indoor drone shows. This was the brief for the brand website for Verity Studios.

We created a feature-rich website with smooth transitions, subtle animations and a 3D (WebGL) interactive drone show to welcome visitors! All this mixed with impressive case studies, videos and immersive interactive content.

The website is fully manageable from their headless CMS. By using a webhook the site is build and cached instantly when the CMS is updated. This makes the site SEO-friendly and blazing fast!

Visit for the full experience.

I developed the entire website (both back- and frontend) for the great people at Outpost.

The site is featured in net magazine "how we built" and at Awwwards and Communication Arts among many.

Technologies include: three.js for WebGL, GSAP for animations and Prismic for backend.

Museum / schools / libraries


Museums / schools / libraries

Various installations

Here’s a reel of some of the many installations I have worked on since 2010. They involve both single- and multitouch applications, camera tracking (Kinect) and multiuser experiences.

Get in touch if you are interested in projects like these and let’s have coffee.
Full descriptions are available on request.

Storm P, Kattegatcentret, SMK & Kolding Library were developed for the amazing team at Redia.

Jens Olsens World Clock was made with ATWTP, Festo was developed for Fox on the Run and the educational floor games were made with WizeFloor.


fashion website


Fashion website (2017)

I hooked up with Playdate-Studio to create this unique fashion website for Danish luxury label Opsundbay.

We developed a concept of getting up close instantly and showing the brilliant details of the products in high resolution. We implemented an original interaction paradigm of mixing scroll and pan to give a fantastic overview and a luxurious experience of each product.

Designed by Playdate-Studio.

See the Awwward feature.