Hi, I'm Michael, a freelance creative coder and interaction designer.

I develop and animate interfaces and front-ends for clients and agencies worldwide.

yes@iliketoplay.dk / +45 28936390
Hi, I'm Michael, a freelance creative developer and interaction designer.
For several years I have worked as consultant in Aarhus, Amsterdam and now Copenhagen.
I collaborate with clients and agencies worldwide.

People hire me to build and animate interfaces, apps and websites from scratch.
I work as lead (frontend) developer and/or as the link between designers and developers.
I also do a lot of experience-, concept- and interaction design.

Let’s work together:
Copenhagen, DK / yes@iliketoplay.dk / +45 28936390

B&O Play


B&O Play

Websites (2014-now)

Since 2014 I have worked as lead frontend developer on more than 30 product- and campaign sites for B&O Play and various agencies.
Next to this, we relaunched the entire website in 2015 with a new responsive design. This meant developing new modules (integrated with Sitecore) and reproducing old modules and pages. I built a bunch of custom galleries, menus, charts, advanced product selectors and much more.

I also contribute with concept-, UX- and interaction designs.
The websites have received numerous awards and global attention.

Made with Magic People Voodoo People & a little bit of Trouble. Sitecore by Alpha Solutions & some occasional help from Anders Hallundbæk. Special credits to Asbjørn & Søren for bringing me on board - you guys rock!

Visit beoplay.com or unfold the beautiful SS17 site or maybe get up close to the Portraits site.

See some of the Awwwards we received.

Wild Life Centre


Wild Life Centre

Museum installation at Bear Park in Flå, Norway (2014-2015)

For this brand new Wild Life Centre I was commissioned by Spekter to work on a series of installations. I was in charge of the production of:
- 4 Kinect (3D camera) experiences
- 3 touchscreen apps
- a wall projected app (controlled by a tablet)
- a quiz screen with physical buttons (bear paws)
- a website

I delivered complete interaction designs and developed all the installations. I also setup remote access and a 24 hour power save schedule for each PC.

I enjoyed making this for Spekter with graphic designs from Søren Smidt & backend provided by Rune Bonsu.

See more in this Youtube video or at the museum website.


fashion website


Fashion website (2017)

I hooked up with Playdate-Studio to create this unique fashion website for Opsundbay, a new Danish luxury label.
We developed a concept of getting up close instantly and showing the brilliant details of the products in high resolution. We implemented an original interaction paradigm of mixing scroll and pan to give a fantastic overview and a luxurious experience of each product.

Designed by superduo Playdate-Studio.

Visit opsundbay.com or see the Awwward feature.

Er Du Nice?

mobile web game

Er Du Nice?

Anti-bullying game (2014)

The nice people at Stupid Studio asked me to help them develop this little web game. It's part of a campaign from The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) aimed towards bullying in primary schools.
The game features a bunch of different levels/situations in which the user can select different solutions. It all adds up to a final diploma telling you just "how nice you are".

Coded for Stupid Studio who made all the beautiful characters.

Go play the game or read more about the campaign.

The 100 Meter Scroll

web game

The 100 Meter Scroll

Online scrolling game (2013)

The guys from momlookwhatimade asked me to code this simple but very original (responsive) browser game.

The concept is simple: ”Who's the fastest scroller in the digital world”. So far more than 4 million visitors have accepted the challenge!

Made with the amazing guys from momlookwhatimade.

Try it at the website or read more about it.
You can also see the original promo video.

Museum / schools / libraries


Museums / schools / libraries

Various installations

Here’s a reel of some of the many installations I have worked on since 2010. They involve both single- and multitouch applications, camera tracking (Kinect) and multiuser experiences.

Get in touch if you are interested in projects like these and let’s have coffee.
Full descriptions are available on request.

Storm P, Kattegatcentret, SMK & Kolding Library were developed for the amazing team at Redia.

Jens Olsens World Clock was made with ATWTP, Festo was developed for Fox on the Run and the educational floor games were made with WizeFloor.

Nørgård Mikkelsen


Nørgård Mikkelsen

Website (2017)

The oldest, and one of the most respected advertising agencies in Denmark, Nørgård Mikkelsen, asked me to help with the frontend development of their new website.
I worked closely together with the UX & Design team and developed prototypes for interactions and motion.
I then built the entire website with a solid focus on animations and great user experiences.

The website was developed directly for Nørgård Mikkelsen.
The backend was developed by LAIT.

Go enjoy the website right here.


photojournalistic app


iPad app (2016)

The LandRush Project explores the impact of large-scale agro investments on rural economies and land-rights, the boom of renewable fuels, the reallocation of land and the future of agriculture around the world.

Photographers Uwe H. Martin and Frauke Huber asked Søren Smidt and I to create an interactive iPad experience to be used as part of the worldwide exhibitions.

Designed by always amazing Søren Smidt.

Read more about it or download at App Store.


mobile booking campaign

KLM Mobile Booking Campaign

Website (2013)

KLM wanted to share the success of their mobile booking campaign and asked Booreiland to deliver that story in an inspiring and dynamic way.

They kindly asked me to do the frontend development and animations for the responsive website. All animations were designed with mobile-first in mind.

Created for the awesome team at Booreiland.

See more in their case study.