Hi, I'm Michael Vestergaard, a Danish freelance Interactive Designer and Developer.
I recently moved from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, where I now live and work.

For several years I have been involved in creating digital experiences. I have designed and/or developed websites, games, touch screen applications and much more for a wide range of clients and agencies.

I think and work "interactive", always trying to create great user experiences utilizing the best of both design, animation and technology. Most often my work is based around Flash/AIR and HTML5/JS productions.

My work has been featured in books, magazines, german tv shows (!!!) and I have received several awards including the FWA. I am available for freelance work all over the world.

Freelancer, mobile development, creative code, flash, actionscript, adobe air, tablet, touchscreen, multitouch screen, freelance flash developer, interactive specialist and developer
If you are using a mobile device, you can see my mobile optimized site here
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