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Summer Update
New stuff!
Recently I have had the pleasure of working on some very exciting projects and have joined forces with some very exciting agencies and clients.
Among many things I recently worked with Redia on three installations for Kattegatcentret in Grenaa, Denmark.
01.06.13 _ news
Make a move challenge
This is a project I have been looking forward to sharing with you! For Fox on the run in Delft, The Netherlands, I programmed and animated this Kinect controlled application.

The guys at Fox on the run were so nice to put together a website showcasing the project, so please go check it out here: FESTO - Make a move challenge.
21.01.13 _ cases
Latest work
A few new projects
Some of the latest projects I have worked on include:
- Touchscreen for the Storm P. Museum in Copenhagen.
- Website for Dutch chef Robert Kranenborg.
- New games and apps for iPads and interactive floors...
29.05.12 _ news
Nørreport Station
Mobile and Tablet application
Nørreport is Denmark's only true underground station and the doorstep to the city.
Through almost 4 years, photographer Klaus Holsting documented Copenhagen's unnoticed inferno, day and night, summer and winter, before the city's main transport hub now changes forever.
10.05.12 _ cases
Mobile of the day
I am happy to announce that today the mobile version of my website is "Mobile of the Day" at The Favourite Website Award.

You are already here, so just enjoy my site :-)
31.07.11 _ news
National Gallery of Denmark
Multitouch installation
I worked for Redia as lead Flash developer and animater on the entire user interface on this multitouch table application for National Gallery of Denmark.

The application is dynamic and displays some of the art from the exhibition along with videos, artist info and much more. Users can interact with the content from both sides of the table, and tracking cameras make sure the content is always near the users.
20.06.11 _ cases
Denmark's Electronic Research Library
Touchscreen application
Redia asked me to develop and animate an application for the Danish Electronic Research Library (DEFF), showing realtime search queries from their libraries.

The application is basically a bunch of DNA strings visualizing various data about the search queries, such as year, materials, common categories, searches per day etc.
01.03.11 _ cases
Wisdom Well
Interactive floor installation
Wisdom Well is an interactive floor for social and collectice learning through physical play and movement.

For Interactive Spaces I designed and developed the frontend of a new game for the floor. The game is a classic memory game with up to 4 teams and 36 bricks. It's completely dynamic and integrated with the Wisdown Well system.
01.12.10 _ cases
A Passion for Wine & surf
Linda Suhr's awarded book
The internationally renowned photographer Linda Suhr commisioned Henrik Kastenskov and me to create a website promoting her new book "A Passion for Wine & Surf". The book is about South African surfers, winemakers, cooks and their lifestyle.

Henrik created 3 inspirational videos for the themes "The Food", "The Wine" and "The People" and asked me to design and develop the website.
22.11.10 _ cases
Kaare Viemose
Photographer portfolio
Danish photographer Kaare Viemose asked me to design a simplistic and pixel-perfect website for his online portfolio. Kaare shoots amazing pictures and he wanted them to be presented in a clean and yet interesting way.

The different galleries are easy to navigate, and include slideshow functionality, keyboard navigation, easy overviews and much more.
10.11.10 _ cases
Human Design
Company website
Glenn Kristensen, the owner of design company Human Design, asked me to create his new company website. The company profile and logo is simplistic but organic. I tried emphasizing those same keywords on the website.

The Human Design logo, with floating molecules, were used as key element and as the main menu. In each subpage, the website is created within a single molecule.
01.11.10 _ cases
Volkskrant Observatorium
Online photo experience
The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant commissioned Bombay Flying Club to create the first ever online version of the annual Observatorium edition. BFC asked me to design and develop the website.

The website is a beautiful online photo experience, combining photography, videos, inspiration, history, personal stories and a lot of data. All focussed around the theme "The First Time".
01.12.09 _ cases
Kenneth Elgaard
Artist portfolio
Kenneth Elgaard is a young Danish artist. The design and concept for his website was created with his art and graphic style in mind. I wanted to create a small world with some of the same elements used in his art pieces. The style is fresh, simple and elegant - like his art.

The concept included different ways of interacting in each section of the website. All interaction was based around the idea of dragging with your mouse.
01.11.09 _ cases
Various productions
I design and develop many campaigns and microsites, either as Flash/HTML5 developer and animator, or as creative lead designer.
See a selection of these on my regular website.
24.06.12 _ cases
Hi, I'm Michael Vestergaard, a Danish freelance Interactive Designer and Developer.
I recently moved from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, where I now live and work.

For several years I have been involved in creating digital experiences. I have designed and/or developed websites, games, touch screen applications and much more for a wide range of clients and agencies.

I think and work "interactive", always trying to create great user experiences utilizing the best of both design, animation and technology. Most often my work is based around Flash/AIR and HTML5/JS productions.

My work has been featured in books, magazines, german tv shows (!!!) and I have received several awards including the FWA. I am available for freelance work all over the world.
2 x FWA Site of the Day
3 x FWA Mobile of the Day
5-10 x Designlicks
5-10 x Dope
Several other awards and features

+4 years freelancing
3 years at different agencies
Teaching Flash, Design and coding courses

Technical skills
Mobile/tablet applications
Actionscript 3.0 (Flash, Flex, AIR)
Various frameworks (Away3D, Box2D, JigLib, Starling etc.)
Phone: +45 28936390
Skype: michael_vest
Mail: yes@iliketoplay.dk

I like to play (c/o Michael Vestergaard)
Hollaendervej 23, st.tv.
1855 Frederiksberg

CVR: 31694434

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