Hi, I'm Michael Vestergaard, a Danish freelance Interactive Designer and Developer.
I recently moved from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, where I now live and work.

For several years I have been involved in creating digital experiences. I have designed and/or developed websites, games, touch screen applications and much more for a wide range of clients and agencies.

I think and work "interactive", always trying to create great user experiences utilizing the best of both design, animation and technology. Most often my work is based around Flash/AIR and HTML5/JS productions.

My work has been featured in books, magazines, german tv shows (!!!) and I have received several awards including the FWA. I am available for freelance work all over the world.

2 x FWA Site of the Day
3 x FWA Mobile of the Day
5-10 x Designlicks
5-10 x Dope
Several other awards and features

+4 years freelancing
3 years at different agencies
Teaching Flash, Design and coding courses

Technical skills
Mobile/tablet applications
Actionscript 3.0 (Flash, Flex, AIR)
Various frameworks (Away3D, Box2D, JigLib, Starling etc.)
Phone: +45 28936390
Skype: michael_vest
Mail: yes@iliketoplay.dk

I like to play (c/o Michael Vestergaard)
Hollaendervej 23, st.tv.
1855 Frederiksberg

CVR: 31694434

Google Code
If you are using a mobile device, you can see my mobile optimized site here
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